CYMA Platinum Edition SR 25 7,62 DMR

CYMA Platinum Edition SR 25 7,62 DMR

I start to selling my collection. All my Auctions here where never used in the field. I only shoot them 2 times per year in my cellar. The rest of the time they were displayed at the wall.
Thats why the look like brand new ones. Maybe some tiny scratches. But everything works perfect!

What you get:
CYMA Platinum Edition SR 25
+ Vector Optics Scope 1-4×20
+ canted mount and Red Dot
+ Magazines and mag pouch
+ Bipod
+ Frontgrip
+ rail covers
+ suppressor

You can pay via PayPal or Bank transfer. Additional transport fees. Shipment inside the EU.
If you have questions just give me a PM 😉



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